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We are a 3D printer manufacturing company that focuses on innovation and ease of access and use for 3D printing experience. We close the gap between the user and the machine by providing state of the art IoT solutions for remote control and monitoring to manage your work and files just as you do with an ordinary paper printer. We also care about big scale 3D printing production such as 3D printing farms or small series of parts that needs to be 3D printed to reduce costs and gain time by providing fully automatic 3D printing process with the simple editing of G-code lines and the use of innovative ejecting mechanism.

Intuitive software interface

We developed a software to manage the connected 3D printers and print your projects with just one click

Automated printing

We use a conveyer belt system to eject parts automatically upon completion


Our IoT system is compatible with all marlin based 3D printers and we still working on making it suitable for more.

Standalone upgrades

our wireless system and automated printing solution are available independently as upgrades for other brands.

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We offer design customisation of our automatic belt printing system to suit your 3D printer. Also we can create custom solution based on what we have to answer your needs.

we relay greatly on the feedback of our clients, specially those who are willing to test our products and send constructive feedback in order to make it better. And in return we offer free upgrades to their products as a thanking gesture.

We are aware that not every 3D printer user is a tinkerer with a technical background. So we worked hard to provide plug and play products with one click printing experience to make accessible for everyone.

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